(b. 1654, Pieve di Soligo, d. 1726, Pieve di Soligo)


Oil on canvas, 149 x 159 cm
Szépművészeti Múzeum, Budapest

The theme of the princess confined in a tower and visited by Jupiter in the form of a shower of gold was extremely popular in Italian painting from the 16th century. Bellucci, who often painted mythological series as well as series of nudes for his distinguished clients, treated the subject several times. Another version of the scene painted vertically was made during the artist's sojourn at Düsseldorf and has survived in the Augsburg Gallery. The picture at the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts may be regarded as an earlier work, its pure, unfaltering design and warm colouring show an affinity to the paintings of Bellucci produced in the early 1700s in Vienna.

Danaë is frequently represented in Renaissance and Baroque painting. You can view other depictions of Danaë in the Web Gallery of Art.

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