BETTERA, Bartolomeo
(b. 1639, Bergamo, d. ca. 1688, Bergamo)

Musical Instruments with Two Glass Spheres and a Male Bust

Oil on canvas, 96 x 140 cm
Private collection

In this still-life different objects are arranged: musical instruments, an ebony cabinet with ivory reliefs, a plaster bust, and a pair of decorative glass spheres. The background is closed off with a large red and orange brocade that falls in heavy folds on the left, tightened across its middle by gold-trimmed tassels that punctuate the composition. The musical objects in the foreground are lute, trumpet, viol, guitar, violin, recorder, bow, and albums. The plaster bust of a man is based on the Risen Christ by Michelangelo (Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Rome)