(b. 1594, Dordrecht, d. 1647, Dordrecht)

Tobacco Smoking

Universiteits-Bibliotheek, Amsterdam

Johan van Beverwijck (Beverovicius) was an established physician (first physician and judge of the city) in the Dutch city of Dordrecht.

His book "Schat der gesontheydt" is devoted to all aspects of people's health. It starts with a general, rather metaphysical discussion about health. Then in the first and main part of the work all things influencing health are treated in detail, like emotions, seasons, geographical situation, air, water, bodily exercise, sleep, and especially food. The second part is devoted to the preservation of health for people of all ages.

The picture shows an illustration from the 1656 edition of this book representing tobacco smoking, a warning against this dubious habit.