BINDESBØLL, Michael Gottlieb
(b. 1800, Ledøje, d. 1856, Frederiksberg)

Interior view

Thorvaldsens Museum, Copenhagen

Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770–1844) was a prolific artist, who together with his pupils and assistants produced an inexhaustible wealth of sculptural output. The Thorvaldsens Museum in Copenhage is a single-artist museum dedicated to the art of this Danish Neoclassicistic sculptor, who lived and worked in Rome for most of his life. The museum inventories about 860 sculptures.

The building is strongly inspired by antique Greek architecture and built around an inner courtyard where the artist is buried. The courtyard is notable being painted in Egyptian motifs, tall date palms, lions and crocodile prowl among exotic birds and plants. It is particularly noteworthy for its unique use of colours both inside and outside. Every room in the museum has a unique ceiling decoration in the grotesque style.