BLONDEL, Merry-Joseph
(b. 1781, Paris, d. 1853, Paris)

Portrait of Félicité-Louise de Durfort, Maréchale de Beurnonville

Oil on canvas, 194 x 130 cm
Private collection

Félicité-Louise de Durfort (1782-1870) was the youngest daughter of Count de Durfort, the pre-Revolutionary French Ambassador of France to the Republic of Venice (where died in exile in 1801). She is depicted standing in a simple high-waisted white dress, the splendid cashmere shawl draped over her right arm falling to the ground where the sun streams across it. Her hair is done in the latest fashion, while she is partially shaded by the splendid orange tree against whose large, painted wooden pot she is leaning. To the left we see some steps leading down to a winding path with a distant view of the Château of Balincourt.