BRAY, Jan de
(b. ca. 1627, Haarlem, d. 1697, Haarlem)

Portrait of the Artist's Parents

c. 1660
Oil on panel, 80 x 65 cm
Private collection

This unusual double portrait is a perfect profile representation of Jan de Bray's father, Salomon, who looks to the left and raises his hand in what seems to be a rhetorical gesture. Directly behind him and also in profile is his wife and Jan's mother, Anna Westerbaen. They married in 1625. Anna Westerbaen was the sister of the physician and poet Jacob Westerbaen and the Hague portraitist Jan Westerbaen. She died in the plague epidemic that ravaged Haarlem in 1663 and 1664; she was buried in the St Bavokerk on 3 March 1663. Salomon died a year later and was buried in the same grave as his wife.

Salomon and Anna also feature in other painting by Jan de Bray such as the The Banquet of Antony and Cleopatra.