BUGLIONI, Benedetto
(b. ca. 1459, Firenze, d. 1521, Firenze)

Coat-of Arms Supported by Two Angels

Glazed terracotta, diameter 121 cm, height of angel 96 cm (left), 90 cm (right)
Musei Vaticani, Vatican

The wreath with the coat-of arms of pope Innocent VIII was originally placed on the north side of the Courtyard of the Statues (Cortile delle Statue) over the doorway leading to the apartment of Pope Innocent VIII (1484-92) in the Pallazzetto del Belvedere. The Pallazzetto was built during Innocent VIII's papacy around 1484-87, and it is likely that the coat-of-arms was executed around 1484.

Angels supporting a shield with a coat-of-arms can be found frequently in Italian Renaissance art. It is clear that Buglioni's style followed the tradition established by the work of Verrocchio.