CAFFIÉRI, Jean-Jacques
(b. 1725, Paris, d. 1792, Paris)

Geometry and Architecture

National Trust, Waddesdon Manor

Among Caffiéri's decorative work is the group of children symbolizing Geometry and Architecture, which was one of four groups of the arts executed for the Abbé Terray, and probably commissioned during the abbé's brief period as Directeur des Bâtiments. Each group was by a different sculptor, though the resulting pieces are homogeneous in style and indeed represent the culmination of sculpture in a private setting, yet not on a miniature scale, playful, graceful, and decorative. Clodion contributed the Music and Poetry (Washington, National Gallery of Art). The two other groups, Painting and Sculpture (Washington, National Gallery of Art) and Astronomy and Geography (Waddesdon Manor), were respectively by Tassaert and Lecomte.