CARRACCI, Lodovico
(b. 1555, Bologna, d. 1619, Bologna)

Battle of the Romans and Sabines

Palazzo Magnani, Bologna

Admiration for the great Venetian painting of Titian, Tintoretto and, above all, Paolo Veronese, which as of the late 1580s characterized all three Carracci, can be gleaned in a collective undertaking, the frieze with the Stories of the Founding of Rome adorning the hall of honour in the palazzo of Lorenzo Magnani, elected senator in 1590. While Agostino reflects the brilliant palette of Veronese on an exterior level, Annibale taps into an epic tone in which nature and history are inextricably fused, and Lodovico forces the expressive potential of storytelling, vaunting a vivid imagination in terms of both composition and colour. The collaboration of the three cousins thus determines an agreeable and concerted contrast.