CARRADORI, Francesco
(b. 1747, Pistoia, d. 1824, Firenze)

Cauno and Bibil

c. 1786
Palazzo Pitti, Florence

Francesco Carradori was an Italian sculptor, restorer, and instructor of sculpture at the Accademia in Florence from 1786 to 1821. His training made him a significant representative of the rather difficult passage of the Florentine plastic arts in the Neoclassical direction.

This small composition, with its companion piece Bacchus and Arianna, is reminiscent of the woodland lovers of the classical tradition. It is a fine example of the by now Neoclassical virtuosity of this sculptor. The two small groups were executed for the renovated palace of Peter Leopold of Habsburg-Lorraine (1747-1792), the new grand duke regent between 1765 and 1790.