(known 1362-1382 in Venice)

Coronation of the Virgin

Tempera on panel, 89 x 58 cm
Gallerie dell'Accademia, Venice

Paolo Veneziano and Lorenzo Veneziano had no direct followers even though a few painters of some importance in Venice around the end of the 14th century went their way without paying too much attention to the stylistic suggestions originating from the nearby mainland, the most important of which were the developments in the International Gothic style, particularly in Verona and Lombardy. Thus Catarino, in his Coronation of the Virgin dated 1375, strives after plastic effects of a certain intensity and convincing spatial suggestions without however abandoning the traditional iconographic scheme for the subject nor the supremacy of the ornate play of colour.

Though of unknown origin, the panel is believed to have been the central section of a polyptych.