(b. ca. 1240, Firenze, d. ca. 1302, Firenze)

The Virgin beside Christ on the Heavenly Throne

Upper Church, San Francesco, Assisi

The scenes from the life of the Virgin in the apse of the Upper Church represent the first large program dedicated to Mary in the history of Italian painting. The paintings of the upper registers are almost entirely destroyed. The four large fields of the basamento to the left and right of the papal throne are dedicated to the death and glorification of the Virgin. The Assembly of the Apostles by the Virgin's Deathbed is followed by the Death of the Virgin and the Assumption. The final painting, shown here, represents the Virgin as intercessor, sitting on the heavenly throne alongside Christ. They are flanked by angels, patriarchs, prophets, saints, and Franciscans. To the left of the throne St Francis recommends brothers of his Order to the Virgin.