(b. 1604, Chamagne, d. 1682, Roma)

Harbour Scene

Pen, grey-brown wash on blue paper, 190 x 259 mm
British Museum, London

This drawing corresponds to the painting included in Liber Veritatis (LV 19), dated 1637 (Private Collection, England). Another painting of 1643 in the Royal Collection, Windsor, is an autograph replica of the earlier work, although there are considerable differences between the two compositions. The round tower on the left of the earlier composition has been moved to the right, closer to the buildings seen on the shore, where it has been paired with another tower of similar design. The left edge of the later composition is dominated by two ships, balanced at the right edge by two porticoes instead of one. The man lying asleep in the foreground, who does not occur in LV 19 but is introduced into the painting of 1637, is retained in the later painting although the pose is reversed.