CLEVE, Marten van I
(b. ca. 1527, Antwerpen, d. ca, 1581, Antwerpen)

Christ on the Road to Calvary

Oil on panel, 85 x 127 cm
Private collection

The composition of this work appears to be unique and to have originated with van Cleve. The panel is one of artist's most important works. Many motifs - the dog in the foreground, the piebald horse, the hen in the basket, the young boy with the eggs – can be found in other works by the artist. Here the artist depicts a chaotic scene with figures crowded into the foreground against a bleak landscape leading up to Golgotha. Amidst the profusion of figures, it is almost difficult to pick out Christ carrying the Cross at middle left and the figure of a woman, presumably Veronica, holding out her veil.