CRESPI, Giuseppe Maria
(b. 1665, Bologna, d. 1747, Bologna)

Assembly of the Gods and the Parcae

c. 1700
Palazzo Pepoli Campogrande, Bologna

In the Sala dell'Olimpo Stagioni of the Pepoli family palace, the subject of Crespi' ceiling is an assembly of gods dominated by a Jupiter enthroned in clouds. The gods are assigned places appropriate to their responsibilities. In addition to Juno (on the left with a crown) and Bellona (with armour, helmet, and weapons), the inner circle includes the very prominent war god Mars, who is extending toward Jupiter a helmet adorned with red and blue feathers, and a river or sea god, who is presenting the Pepoli coat of arms with its checkerboard pattern. At the margins the Parcae are busy at their fateful tasks.

The absence of painted architecture, a definite preference for Crespi, is noteworthy.