(active 1456-1476 in Rome)

Cardinal Ludovico Trevisan

c. 1440
Cast bronze, diameter 4 cm
National Gallery of Art, Washington

Cristoforo di Geremia is credited with the portrait medal of Cardinal Trevisan that is conspicuously based on Roman coinage. Cardinal Trevisan was a rich, powerful, and cultured figure who proved his military prowess in the Battle of Anghiari on June 29, 1440, between Milan and the Italian League, where he lead the papal troupes. He became cardinal in the same year. In the obverse of the medal, the cardinal, shown in profile, is described as patriarch of Aquileia rather than cardinal. On the reverse, which includes a Roman temple, a military triumph is depicted. It is therefore possible that the medal commemorates the victory at the Battle of Anghiari.