DUCCIO di Buoninsegna
(b. ca. 1255, Siena, d. 1319, Siena)

Presentation in the Temple (scene 4)

Tempera on wood, 44 x 45 cm
Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, Siena

This panel is on the front predella of the Maestà. The Presentation in the Temple is flanked by the standing images of Prophets Solomon and Malachi.

In the Presentation in the Temple the consecration rite takes place in a graceful architectural setting of marble enlivened by polychrome inlays, that reproduces the ecclesiastical environment with strong allusion to contemporary religious buildings. Simeon, the old man, holds out the Christ Child to Mary and to Joseph, who is waiting behind her. Jesus stretches out his arms towards his mother, appealing for help. Behind Simeon stands the prophetess Hannah.