DUNOUY, Alexandre Hyacinthe
(b. 1757, Paris, d. 1841, Paris)

View from a Window of the Boulevard de la Madeleine in Paris

Oil on panel, 20 x 27 cm
Private collection

Dunouy has noted on the reverse of the painting that this view is taken from a window on the boulevard looking towards Montmartre. The windmills of this famous butte, can be seen against the horizon, as can the tower of a church, the precursor of Sacré Coeur. Below the artist's window can be seen the bare foundations of the church of Madeleine, overgrown after being left for some years. The construction of the church began in 1806, but was completed and consecrated only in 1842.

In choosing this unusual prospect of the city, Dunouy follows the example of many artists before and since who painted the views from their windows.