DÜRER, Albrecht
(b. 1471, Nürnberg, d. 1528, Nürnberg)

The Revelation of St John: 7. The Seven Trumpets Are Given to the Angels

Woodcut, 39 x 28 cm
Staatliche Kunsthalle, Karlsruhe

The print represents the vision when the seven trumpets are given to the angels, and the results of the first four trumpet calls (Rev. 8:2-13).

When the Lamb broke the seventh seal `there was silence in heaven for what seemed half an hour'. There then appeared seven angels with trumpets and as each blew further disasters, hail, fire and blood, rained down. A third of the earth and sea were burnt up, a third of the rivers poisoned, a third of the sun, moon and stars went dark. (God in heaven is handing out trumpets to his angels. On earth below cities are on fire, ships sinking.)

Suggested listening (streaming mp3, 4 minutes):
Giuseppe Aldrovandini: Sonata in D Major for two trumpets, strings and basso continuo