ERDMANNSDORFF, Friedrich Wilhelm von
(b. 1736, Dresden, d. 1800, Dessau)

Gothic House

Landscape garden, Wörlitz

The Wörlitz Park, starting point and highlight of the beautification of the natural environment by Prince Leopold III. Frederick Franz, is considered to be the epitome of the Enlightenment in Germany. Here, in the first English landscaped park in Continental Europe, you can find the foundation buildings of German Classicism and the Gothic Revival.

The park, laid out on the pattern of an English garden, pursued a pedagogical program. Linked by long axial views, the small buildings (fabriques) in the garden unfolded a cross-section of history of man, natural history and architectural history, ranging from the Egyptian crypt under the Roman Pantheon to the Gothic House.

The Gothic House in Wörlitz marks the real start of the Gothic Revival in Germany.

The photo shows the Gothic House.