(b. 1617, Mechelen, d. 1697, Mechelen)

Main altar

Sint-Romboutskathedraal, Mechelen

The artist created countless altars. His most accomplished one is the main altar with the statue of Saint Rumbold.

By systematically employing double columns in the framework and by the remarkably accentuated and well calculated contrasting colours of the parts in white marble and black Lydian stone, Faydherbe was able to achieve the impressive effect of a stage setting in his decorative altar assemblies. As a result the sculptor was able to bring the architectural components of the altar, such as that in Mechelen of the high altar in St Rombout's, into harmony with the heightened emotion of statues or groups crowning constructions. The structural parts of the altar and its decorative sculpture form a completely integrated sculptural whole.

The main altar in the choir was designed by Willem Hesius (1601-1690) and made by Lucas Faydherbe, with the assistance of Mattheus van Beveren. The statue on top is Saint Rumbold by Lucas Faydherbe. The gilded arcs and doors were carved by Artus Quellinus II. The statues along the sides in the aisle are apostles made by Lucas Faydherbe.