(b. 1867, Kecskemét, d. 1945, Budapest)

Shelling Beans

Oil on canvas, 86 x 79 cm
Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Budapest

"Shelling Beans" is one of the most beautiful of Fényes's sunny pictures. It is a good example of the painter's Impressionism. He enhanced the subject matter, an everyday one of three figures husking beans in a village yard, to an ecstatic spectacle. In the delicately tinted picture, reflexes of colours, greyish, bluish and pinky shades are clearly visible which divide the canvass into patches of colours. Due to the sunshine which can substract colours and make even shadows colourful, the picture is rich in colours: shades of red, ultramarine and blues are mixed with grey. His composition is not based only on forms arranged in space, but on the ability of the sun to change colours. Independently of painters of the Nagybánya school, Fényes was engaged in similar problems as e.g. Ferenczy in the colours of "October" or "Sunny Morning".

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