(b. 1867, Kecskemét, d. 1945, Budapest)

Brother and Sister

Oil on canvas, 121 x 101 cm
Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Budapest

This is the most mature picture of his post-impressionistic period. The composition of the picture is simple and clear, the two figures in a triangle are composed in a single plane in front of the light blue background airily painted: a peasant girl wearing a red skirt and a white head square is embracing her younger brother with a brown hat. The sky-blue of the apron and the somewhat darker blue of the background produce a beautiful contrast with the yellow blouse, the yellow earthenware pot and the plate. The picture is dominated by Fényes' bright colours and stylization. The silhouette of figures in the plain background and the composition of the picture synthethize Fényes's colourist-decorative intentions.