(b. 1862, Wien, d. 1917, Budapest)


Oil on canvas, 1127 x 107 cm
Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Budapest

In Ferenczy's "Woman Painter", it is apparent how limited the portrayal of nature is around figures. Instead of monumental forests and mountains, he depicts details of home. The setting of "October" is the garden of the family's home in Nagybánya. The open sunshade and the garden furniture reflect homeliness and cheerfulness. Details selected at a random indicate peacefulness of the country. The most important element of the picture, a diagonal, is almost unnoticed and it runs from the top left hand corner to the bottom right hand corner. Diagonals normally result a dynamic effect. In this case, however, it only organizes the picture because its effect is diminished by horizontals in the background. The line where the fence, the mountain ridge and the sky meet makes up the diagonal from the highest point of the sunshade, then crosses the hat of the man reading a newspaper, his back and the table cloth. This diagonal is a borderline at the same time. To the left of it, objects of everyday use are depicted, and to the right the autumn landscape in the glimmering sunhine. Gentle sunshine brightens the colours and is especially reflected by white surfaces. Apples on the table display a bright shade of red from among whites, yellows and autumn colours.