FLINCK, Govert Teunisz.
(b. 1615, Kleve, d. 1660, Amsterdam)

Isaac Blessing Jacob

Oil on canvas, 117 x 141 cm
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Flinck, a pupil of Rembrandt, was influenced by his master's style. However, like other pupils, he was unable to follow him, he took only the motives, types of composition or the arrangement of colours. In general, he borrowed these quite eclectically. The "Isaac Blessing Jacob" is a typical example of Flinck's works in this period.

The subject of the painting comes from the Bible (from the Genesis): In his old age Isaac, son of Abraham, went blind, enabling Rebecca, his wife, to obtain fraudulently his blessing for their second son, Jacob, rather than for his rightful heir, Esau.