GIANI, Felice
(b. 1758, San Sebastiano Curone, d. 1823, Roma)

The Marriage of Poseidon and Amphitrite

Tempera mural
Palazzo Milzetti, Faenza

Felice Giani had studied Raphael and Albani as well as the newly-discovered frescoes at Pompeii. He represented the most fresh and attractive aspect of Neo-Classicism, a style often thought to be cold or monotonous. Despite being tucked away in a provincial town, the Palazzo Milzetti frescos arc continually full of surprises.They make light-hearted use of refined and always well-chosen colours. At the same time, the themes from classical mythology are not treated with pedantic crudition but with imaginative narrative freedom. It is only recently that critics rescued Giani from years of neglect. Today he is considered one of the most interesting figures on the official art scene during the Napoleonic era. Thanks to his never-failing good taste, he managed to cope with even the most difficult subjects. Nor did he limit himself to imitating classical art. On the contrary, he came up with new solutions which were definitely daring.

This mural is in the ante-chamber to a bathroom "along the lines of the Baths of Titus."