(b. 1477, Castelfranco, d. 1510, Venezia)

Overall view of the hall

Casa Marta, Castelfranco Veneto

The house in Castelfranco, located near the Duomo, once belonged to the Marta family, dates back to the fifteenth century, but was frequently renovated and expanded. The frieze in the hall, long attributed to Giorgione, extends more than thirty meters along the upper portion of the east and west walls of the main room in the house. It is painted in yellow earth chiaroscuro. The subject of the frieze is traditionally believed to centre on the presentation of the liberal and mechanical arts.

The attribution to Giorgione is debated. It is probable that Giorgione only initiated the work, painting the east wall portion of the frieze, and the commission was subsequently brought to completion by an other painter from the school of Treviso.