(active 1275-1300 in Siena)

Saint Peter Dossal

Tempera and gold on wood, 100 x 141 cm
Pinacoteca Nazionale, Siena

The dossal is an altarpiece format popular since 1215 and soon to be replaced with the polyptych. The present panel consists of three compartments. At the centre is the figure of St. Peter, seated on his throne, majestic in his bright red cloak, holding the keys. In the two side compartments are six scenes, namely.



Calling of St Peter,

Liberation of St Peter from the Prison,

Fall of Simon Magus,

Martyrdom and Death of St Peter.

The panel reflects the influence of the Sienese school of late thirteenth century, in particular by Guido da Siena, but also the influence of Cimabue.