(b. ca. 1415, Valls, d. 1492, Barcelona)

Triptych of Saint George

Tempera on wood, 92 x 58 cm
Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, Barcelona

The detail shows Saint George and the Princess.

Huguet was a sensitive painter, the creator of profoundly human types, whose features and expressions produce an unforgettable effect. His figures, serene and grave, their gestures marked by a spiritual elegance, are suffused with a singular idealism. Technically, from the almost miniaturistic scenes of the epiphany in the Museum of Vich to the huge figures of the retable of St. Augustine executed between 1465 and 1480 (Museum, Barcelona), the work of this painter is a development of the formula evolved by Martorell.

The chef d'oeuvre of Huguet's first period is the altarpiece of St. George, now in the Museum, Barcelona.