(b. ca. 1325, Firenze, d. ca. 1399, Firenze)

The Crucifixion

Egg tempera on wood, 154 x 139 cm
National Gallery, London

Considering the size of the panel, it was probably made for private devotion. In the centre Christ hangs on the cross, on either side angels carrying basins receive the blood pouring from the wounds. In the foreground the swooning Virgin is supported by Mary Magdalene, and three other holy women, while St John the Evangelist stands grieving nearby. In the compartments on the left are at the top St John the Baptist and below, St Paul. On the right, St James the Greater and St Bartholomew. The predella contains five roundels with figures: a female saint, St Bernard, the Virgin and Child, St Benedict, and St Catherine of Alexandria.

The panel is based on Andrea da Firenze's fresco in the Santa Maria Novella, Florence.