(b. 1593, Antwerpen, d. 1678, Antwerpen)

Self-Portrait among Parents, Brothers and Sisters

c. 1615
Oil on canvas, 175 x 138 cm
The Hermitage, St. Petersburg

Depicted in this painting are the artist's father Jacob Jordaens the Elder, a merchant in canvases, together with his wife Barbara van Wolshaten; the artist himself, with a lute in his hands; and his seven brothers and sisters. In the foreground are the twins Abraham and Isaac; Elizabeth is seated on the knees of her mother; to the left of her is Maria, and to the right, cut off by the edge of the canvas, there is Catherine. The girl looking up is Anna, and next to her, in the very centre, to the left of the head of the family is Magdalena.

This is an early painting of the artist, its datation is possible from the knowledge of the ages of the family members.