KRAHE, Peter Joseph
(b. 1758, Mannheim, d. 1840, Braunschweig)

Exterior view

Villa Salve Hospes, Braunschweig

From the 1770s, numerous authors wrote analyses of the problems of urban development and thus helped to propagate new qualities of middle-class life in the cities. Though the ideal remains the detached house looking like a miniature Schloss, people were aware that urban residences could not start and finish with this model and other models needed to be found. Baroque towns had been constructed according to a uniform plan, and now the desire was to see a succession of varied houses that, though they would be subject to the overall plan, would not surrender their individuality.

Distinguished and elegant villas were built in a very reduced plain style by Peter Joseph Krahe for middle-class clients inBraunscweig. Thanks to the scrupulous balance of proportions, the Villa Salve Hospes, built for the merchant Krause on the site of a former bastion, offers a touch of grandeur despite the very restrained use of decoration and traditional architectural trappings of dignity, and despite the small lunettes in the roof.