(b. ca. 1659, Paris, d. 1744, Paris)

Aeneas Carrying Anchises from Troy

Marble, height 264 cm
Tuileries Gardens, Paris

Le Pautre created a pair of large-scale marble groups destined for Marly but soon moved to the Tuileries gardens: Paetus and Arria and the more famous Aeneas carrying Anchises from Troy. The two groups do not make very obvious pendants, either in composition or theme, or even in number of figures (from four to three in the latter group). The Aeneas group is signed and dated 1716, and it largely follows a model supplied by Girardon. Its popularity is attested by versions and reductions in bronze and terracotta (Le Pautre himself kept one of these in his studio). The highly picturesque composition is not much varied from Girardon's design except in giving Anchises a Phrygian cap and having him gaze skywards, not down at his grandson, Ascanius, the small, subsidiary figure of the group.