(b. ca. 1584, Pontoise, d. 1654, Paris)

Façade of Hôtel de Liancourt

Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris

The Hôtel de Liancourt was a Hôtel particulier (grand house) on the Rue de Seine in Paris built in 1623 for the Count of Liancourt. He bequeathed it to his nephew François de La Rochefoucauld and in later maps and articles of Paris the house is sometimes described as the Hôtel de la Rochefoucauld. The Hôtel remained in the same family until the Revolution and was demolished in 1825.

This building is an example of Lemercier's domestic works. It was built by Salomon de Brosse in 1613 and later enlarged to almost double its size by Lemercier in 1623. The enlargement of the site gave the architect the opportunity of an ingenious piece of planning. Seen from the street, the left half of the site was occupied by a base-court and a small garden, and the right half by a court forming the main approach to the house. The entrance was flanked on the court side by two quadrant wings, and the main building ran along the whole width of both courts. From the court the entrance to the house lay in the corner; it opened on the staircase and led through it to the vestibule on the garden.

The nineteenth-century engraving shows the façade of the hôtel.

View the ground plan of the hôtel.