(b. ca. 1584, Pontoise, d. 1654, Paris)

Exterior view

begun 1626
Church of the Sorbonne, Paris

Lemercier's Sorbonne remained faithful to Roman models, namely, the oeuvre of Giacomo della Porta.

The two-tiered frontispiece, whose triangular profile reflected the interior arrangement of central nave and aisles, had the notable advantage of enhancing the crowning dome, which would be a key element of the Parisian landscape. The dome featured in Lemercier's most "Italian" church, namely, the chapel of the Sorbonne. The construction of a façade with portico on the lateral courtyard gives this carefully proportioned composition its full impact. The rigorously symmetrical plan, framing the nave with perfectly orchestrated side chapels, represents an adaptation of strict Roman precepts.

The picture shows the lateral courtyard.

View the ground plan of the church of the Sorbonne.