(b. ca. 1370, Siena (?), d. ca. 1425, Firenze)


Tempera on wood, 32 x 53 cm
Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence

The picture shows one of the predella panels of the Coronation of the Virgin. The scenes in the predella are framed in an elongated version of the French Gothic quatrefoil Lorenzo's version of the Nativity is based partly on the writings of Bridget, a fourteenth-century Swedish princess, later canonised. The principal elements that Lorenzo includes in the Nativity from her vision can be related to a new version of the Nativity that became popular in Quattrocento Florence - the Adoration of the Child.

In Lorenzo's scene Mary kneels to worship her newborn child, who is surrounded by golden rays. In the dark night outside, an angel awakens the shepherds.

The frame is modern.