MADERNO, Stefano
(b. 1575, Roma, d. 1636, Roma)

Sts Francis Xavier and Carlo Borromeo

San Lorenzo in Damaso, Rome

The picture shows the statues of Sts Francis Xavier (left) and Carlo Borromeo (right) in the second vestibule of the church San Lorenzo in Damaso.

A possible collaboration between Maderno and Ambrogio Bonvicino can be traced back to the statue depicting San Carlo Borromeo destined for the homonymous chapel (dismantled) in the church of San Lorenzo in Damaso and now placed in the second vestible (right pillar). Granted in 1615 to Canon Cesare Melotti, the chapel was solemnly inaugurated by the Bishop of Salona Cesare Fedele, who was among the witnesses called to testify in favour of the cause of canonization of Borromeo himself in 1610.