MAIANO, Benedetto da
(b. 1442, Firenze, d. 1497, Firenze)

West wall portal of the Sala dei Gigli: pediment

Palazzo Vecchio, Florence

Between 28 February 1476 and 27 November 1481 Giuliano and Benedetto were paid for work in the Palazzo Vecchio, Florence. Benedetto contributed the marble doorframes surmounted by statues between the Sala del Consiglio and the Sala dei Gigli. The elaborately decorative, classicizing doorframes are crowned with semicircular pediments flanked by candelabra and paired putti. Placed before the pediments on either side is a statue, the seated figure of Justice on one side and the young St John the Baptist on the other. The latter is inspired by Desiderio, but, like all of Benedetto’s works, it is more straightforward in its conception and close in spirit to the work of Domenico Ghirlandaio.