MASTER IAM of Zwolle
(active 1470-1495 in Zwolle)

Last Supper

c. 1485
Engraving, 346 x 267 mm
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Toward the end of the fifteenth century a number of Netherlandish goldsmiths turned wholly to engraving, but few were distinguished contributors to the development of the art. An exception is the anonymous master named Master IAM of Zwolle, identified by some as Jan van Mijnnesten, a goldsmith recorded in Zwolle. There is good evidence that he was active later in Gouda and Delft where the influences of Dieric Bouts and other Netherlandish masters helped to shape his eccentric, pre-Mannerist style featuring crowded compositions of animated figures twisting and bending in contorted postures as the high-keyed dramas unfold with an exaggerated intensity.