(late 15th century in Ghent)

Triptych with the Family of St Anne

Oil on panel, 87,4 x 92,5 cm (centre), 87,3 x 37,1 cm (left), 87,4 x 39,2 cm (right)
Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Ghent

An impression of Ghent panel painting in the shadow of the leading masters is provided by a number of works from religious institutions in the city that have been attributed to local workshops on stylistic grounds. There is, for instance, the Triptych with the Family of St Anne. This work prompted the coinage of the name 'The Master of the Family of St Anne', an anonymous artist to whom several other panels in Ghent have been attributed. The most clearly discernible influence in his work is that of Van der Goes' realism.