(active around 1500 in Bruges)

Virgin and Child

Oil on oak panel, 42,5 x 35,5 cm (original frame)
Groeninge Museum, Bruges

The Virgin stands behind a wall which reaches to her waist and on which she has placed the Child on a cushion. The background is a landscape. The Virgin-and-Child type is copied from a Memling painting in the museum of Lisbon. The copyist changed the landscape and omitted the window niche which originally framed the Virgin. The format is also slightly smaller. Several variants of this composition which, as regards the Child, had been formulated by Van der Weyden (Caen, Musée municipal), can be found in Memling's oeuvre. The left wing of the Diptych of Maarten van Nieuwenhove (Memlingmuseum, Bruges) shows an almost identical type.

The painting in Bruges, which has some affinities with the Master of the Legend of St Ursula (e.g. in the hands), was correctly ascribed to a Bruges master active around the end of the fifteenth century.