(active around 1500 in Bruges)


Oil on oak panel, 66,5 x 60 cm
Museum of Art, Santa Barbara

The composition is a combination of Memling works: of the Reins triptych (Memlingmuseum, Bruges) with some elements of the Deposition diptych (Granada). The landscape is even identical with that of the Reins triptych. The Magdalene adopts the attitude of one of the weeping women of the New York-São Paulo version of the diptych. The upper body of Christ and the woman on the right are copied from the Granada version. The sun and the moon, which are traditionally present in the Crucifixion, have also been added. A follower of Memling, a `pasticheur' has evidently been at work here. An iconographical peculiarity is the fact that the Virgin is entirely dressed in white.