(b. 1728, Antholz/Pustertal, d. 1773 Wien)

Portrait of Jacob Schmutzer

Oil on canvas, 153 x 117 cm
Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna

Franz Messmer (also Mössmer) was an Austrian painter. The portrait of Jacob Schmutzer was executed in co-operation with Jacob Kohl (1734-1788): Messmer painted the head and Kohl created the clothing, the attributes of the sitter's profession, and the refined ambience. The painting was submitted to the Vienna Academy in 1767 as a reception piece by the two artists. The fact that the painting was accepted as a reception piece for both artists reveals that both parts of the painting were regarded as equally important.

Jacob Schmutzer was the founder of the Kupferstecheracademie (Engravers' Academy) in 1766 and director of this school at the united Academy of Fine Arts from 1772.