(b. 1475, Caprese, d. 1564, Roma)

The ceiling (detail)

Cappella Sistina, Vatican

The picture shows a longitudinal section of the ceiling between a Prophet and a Sibyl. It demonstrates the following design elements:

thrones for the Prophets and Sibyls;

one of the seven Prophets (Daniel), one of the five Sibyls (Cumaean);

three of the twenty-four square pedestals forming niches for the Prophets and Sibyls and surmounted by twin 'putti' (a boy and a girl) in relief;

two small angels as a background to the enthroned figures;

two of the twenty-four bronze nudes flanking ram heads at the triangles and spandrels;

one of the eight spheric triangles above the lunettes, with frescoes depicting the ancestors of Christ.