(active c. 1404-1443)

View of the left wall

15th century
Pellegrini Chapel, Sant'Anastasia, Verona

The picture shows the left wall with the terracotta reliefs by Michele da Firenze in the Pellegrini family chapel in Sant'Anastasia, Verona. On this wall is Tommaso Pellegrini's tomb, who ordered his burial in the family chapel in the will of 1492. This monument, the work of Antonio da Mestre, is composed of a red marble tomb surmounted by a large cuspidated aedicule. The reliefs on the tomb depict the Virgin and Child flanked by St John the Baptist and a saint holding a book. In Martino da Verona's fresco in the aedicule, Tommaso Pellegrini is depicted, who is presented by St Thomas to the Virgin and Child.