MULLER, Jan Harmensz.
(b. 1571, Amsterdam, d. 1628, Amsterdam)

Mercury and Psyche, viewed from three sides

Engravings, 510 x 270 mm (each)
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

In Italy Michelangelo and Giambologna, in the Netherlands Willem Danuelsz van Tetrode and Adriaen de Vries were among the earliest sculptors to have prints made after their works during their lifetime. Their sculptures were regarded as models to be imitated, which created a demand for reproductions. The criteria was to give a convincing suggestion of the spatial qualities of the model.

Muller made his three engravings after a statue by Adriaen de Vries. He made it clear that the original was a statue through the inscriptions, the execution, and above all by showing the bronze from three sides.