NEUMANN, Balthasar
(b. 1687, Eger, Bohemia, d. 1753, Würzburg)

Exterior view

Pilgrimage church, Vierzehnheiligen

Neumann's attempts to create dynamic, complex spaces in his church interiors culminated at Vierzehnheiligen, near Banz, and the Benedictine abbey church at Neresheim. Vierzehnheiligen was a place of pilgrimage, commemorating the spot where in the 1440s a young shepherd had had visions of the 14 helper saints who were believed to have powers of intercession. In 1739 a new church was planned, and Neumann's final design (1743-72) created three large ovals along the nave, with circular transepts. Three rows of windows light the spacious interior, which appears to be set in motion.

View the ground plan and vault plan of the Pilgrimage church, Vierzehnheiligen.