(b. ca. 1308, Firenze, d. ca. 1368, Firenze)

Tomb of Tommaso Corsini

Cappella Corsini, Santo Spirito, Florence

The tomb of Tommaso Corsini, attributed to Andrea Orcagna, is today placed on the wall in front of the entrance door of the Corsini Chapel. It comes from San Gaggio, the church of the Corsini family, from where the 14th-century funeral monuments were moved to the chapel in the cloister of the church of Santo Spirito. The tomb has an epitaph in Latin hexameters.

The Corsinis originated from the areas of Poggibonsi and from Val di Pesa, the valley between Siena and Florence. They arrived in Florence towards the end of the 12th century. During the 14th century they gained prominence as politicians, traders, and churchmen in what was the Republic of Florence. They gave to Florence twelve Priors and forty-seven Gonfalonieres of Justice, the highest appointments in Florence.