(b. ca. 1584, Antwerpen, d. ca. 1657, Antwerpen)

Still-Life with Goblets, Flowers and Shells

Oil on wood, 60 x 49 cm
Staatliche Kunsthalle, Karlsruhe

A fairly large number of still-lifes with flowers by Clara Peeters are known, but particularly 'breakfasts' with cheese, fish, oysters and pastries, in combination with costly tableware, such as gold or silver goblets and Wang-Li porcelain. Her mature style is well illustrated by the Still-Life with Goblets, Flowers and Shells. It is colourful and descriptive and gives evidence of a remarkable feel for suggestion of texture. By distributing the objects over various picture planes she reinforces the illusion of depth.

The shells in the still-life have religious meaning: they are symbolically likened to Mary who gave birth to the 'pearl of great price,' Jesus.

Suggested listening (streaming mp3, 2 minutes):
Franz Schubert: Blumenlied (Flower Song) D 431