PÉNICAUD, French family of enamellers active in Limoges

Nardon Pénicaud (c. 1470-c. 1542) was the founder of the first dynasty of enamellers in Limoges. He produced polychrome enamels of religious subjects borrowing details from woodcuts. Jean I Pénicaud (c. 1490-after 1543) was his younger brother. His polychrome works were inspired by contemporary prints, especially those of Dürer.

Jean II Pénicaud (c. 1515-c. 1588) was probably a son of Nardon. He started his activities in 1532 and his last dated work is from 1549. He excelled in grisaille and treated also mythological and allegorical subjects.

Pierre Pénicaud (c. 1515-c. 1590), another son of Nardon, was the last prominent member of the family. He was an enameller and glass painter. His work is exclusively painted in grisaille, black or blue background.